Refractory Installation / Lining Services


We provide refractory and acid proof installation services ranging from REFRACTORY EPC for CHIMNEYS, DM PLANT, CHEMICAL HOUSE, TUNNEL KILNS and ROTARY KILNS installations. We have accredited in providing similar services on behalf of DVC, Ragunathpur TPS ; Contractors M/s MACKINTOSH BURN LTD and DVC, Santhaldih TPS ; Contractors M/s UCC Ltd. recently amongst our other services in Chimney construction jobs.

With a team of skilled manpower strength of 100+ involved in providing lining and finishing services, we can undertake jobs for multiple project locations at the same time. We have the provisions for sufficient machinery and tools for construction jobs and have warehouse in two locations – Ramgarh, Jharkhand and Kolkata, West Bengal. We manufacture most of the chemicals, mortars, castables, etc. required for these jobs and also source the same from reputed manufacturers and as per customer’s requirements. With a provision to manufacture bricks and mortars both, we can undertake jobs on coft effective and accurate delivery schedules.

Industry Area of Application
Steel Blast Furnace
Cast House
Hot Stove
Torpedo Ladle
L D Converter
Electric Arc Furnace
Ladle – Slag Zone
Ladle – Metal Zone
Ladle – Bottom Zone
RH & DH Degasser
Continuous Casting
Cement Kiln and Cooler
Aluminum Roraty Kiln / Calciner
Electrolytic Pot Cell
Cathode / Anode Baking Ring Furnace
Melting and holding Furnace
Copper Rotary dryer combustion chamber
Anode casting spoon lining
Induction furnaces
Heat treatment furnaces.
Rotary fired furnaces Electric arc furnaces,
Flash smelting furnaces
Refining sulphuric acid plant
Zinc & Lead Waelz kiln, clinker kiln
Cupellation furnaces
Blast furnace
IF Kettles,
Boilers, roaster, etc.
Waelz kiln and clinker kiln Boilers,
Waelz kiln Clinker feed chute,
Drying tower, acid mixing tower, absorption tower
Coke Oven Oven Roof, Wall, Flue, Wall Heads, Regenerator
Glass Glass Slumping
Kiln formed glass
Glass Blowing
Power Plants DM Plant
Acid/Slurry Tanks
Slurry Plants

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